Class of 2016 Penn World Scholars 


Name: Arman Tokanov, Kazakhstan

Academic areas of interest: Business

Activities and interests: Social service, swimming, reading, and spending time with friends.

Future plans: To build socially responsible, meaningful, successful international companies in service and retail.


Name: Remy K Manzi, Rwanda

Academic areas of interest: Biological Basis of Behavior and Health Care Management

Activities and Interests: Benjamin Franklin Scholar, Penn African Student Association and public speaker at local Philadelphia High school.

Future Plans: Hopes to eradicate poverty in sub-Saharan countries through improved health care system.


Name: Valida Pantsulaia, Georgia

Academic areas of interest: Biology and Math

Activities and Interests: Cooking, chess and swimming.


Name: Astha Shukla, India

Academic Areas of Interest: Bioengineering

Activities and interests: MUN President and Mentor, singing, fundraising volunteer at an NGO for children with cancer, reading world literature, and German language clubs/activities.

Future Plans: Would love to do a PhD and conduct research in Neurobiology and Genetics.


Name: Andrea Arroyo Ornelas, Mexico

Academic areas of interest: International Relations, Economics, Sociology, Philosophy

Activities and Interests: Debating, public speaking, volunteer work and learning new languages!

Future Plans: Would love to work in NGOs focused on human rights and micro-finance in the developing world. Moreover, hopes to assist Mexican immigrants in the United States, regardless of their legal status.


Name: Gabriel Borja, Philippines

Academic areas of interest: Medicine, Bioengineering, Health Care Management

Activities and interests: Loyola Meralco Sparks Division 1 Soccer Team Player, Community Development and Leadership Summit Delegate, APEC Future Scientist Finalist, Robotics Club, 2012 National Science Fair, 2012 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) Candidate, Red Cross – Philippine Science Chapter President, and Athlete of the Year 2012 from the Philippine Science High School.

Future plans: Medical School.  Hopes to contribute a positive change in the Philippines by making the healthcare system more efficient and more accessible to the masses.


Name: Valerio Imperatore, Italy

Academic areas of interest: Biology, Politics, Philosophy, Economics; International Relations

Activities and interests: Leader of the Biology Olympiad Team, Head of School Council, Best Student in Class of 2016, Environmental Activist, Reading, Journalism, and Benjamin Franklin Scholar.

Future Plans: Italian Politics, Social and Ethic entrepreneurship, Environmentally Sustainable economy


Name: Sandra Nannozi, Uganda

Academic areas of interest: Nursing and Healthcare Management

Activities and interests before and at Penn: President of the Patriotism Club, Secretary of Environment Club, and Secretary of Grandmother Visiting Club; International Students Advisory Board,  Penn African Students Association, and volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House. Other interests include learning about foreign cultures, swimming, and reading.

Future Plans: To open a hospital in Uganda and improve the healthcare system there.


Name: Cezar Babin, Republic of Moldova

Academic areas of interest:  Computer Science, Philosophy, and Anthropology

Activities and interests: I am passionate about innovation in all shapes and forms. Day and n
ight I think about problems that affect millions of people and how to use technology to solve them.

Future plans: Build platforms for a sustainable future, work with brilliant people from all domains and corners of the world, and make a dent in the universe.