FW: FAQs & Important Phone Numbers

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is Family Weekend?
    • Family Weekend at Penn is a chance for families of our students to come to campus and see what life at Penn is like. Events and programs throughout campus are designed to welcome families, parents, and siblings and tell you about Penn academics and student life. It is also a great time to go to events around Penn, explore Philadelphia, or just spend time with your student!
  • Do I have to Register/RSVP for Family Weekend?
    • Although it is not required, we do ask that families register/RSVP through our website so we have an idea of how many people are coming to campus each year. You can RSVP/register with our office, here.
  • Do I have to register Family Weekend activities?
    • No, the only events that require registration beforehand are those listed in the College of Arts & Science. Other activities on campus will be first come first serve or require students to swipe you in or have a guest pass. The OSA registration is only to get a headcount, not registration for activities.
  • How many families usually attend Family Weekend?
    • Around 2500 family members pre-register/RSVP each year
  • Am I required to go to all Family Weekend programs?
    • No, none of the programs for Family Weekend are required. We ask that if you register for certain events (mostly through the College of Arts & Science or Wharton), that you attend those. Otherwise you are free to enjoy programming at your own pace.
  • What day should I expect to arrive and depart for Family Weekend?
    • Programming begins in the morning on Friday around 9am and ends around 11am on Sunday, that said most families choose to arrive Thursday night or early Friday morning, and depart Sunday afternoon/evening. 
  • What types of programs are there?
    • Each school (Wharton, College, Engineering, Nursing) have their own programs, a bulk of which are on Saturday of Family Weekend. Additionally, the Athletics department hosts many sporting event during the weekend. The Office of Student Affairs and the Office of the Vice Provost for University Life coordinate a three-day craft fair with local vendors on Locust Walk, campus tours each day with the Kite & Key society, and an array of open houses, receptions, and informational sessions about student life. 

Important phone numbers:

All numbers are in the 215 area code
Penn Directory Information 898-5000
Academic Advising
  • College of Arts & Sciences
  • 898-6341
  • The School of Engineering & Applied Science
  • 898-7246
  • The School of Nursing
  • 898-9494
  • The Wharton School
  • 898-7608
    College Houses and Academic Services 898-5551
    Counseling & Psychological Services 898-7021
    Family Weekend Coordinator 898-6533
    Financial Aid 898-1988
    Fraternity/Sorority Life 898-5263
    Residential and Hospitality Services 898-3547
    Parents Program 746-4646
    Student Health (24 Hour Service) 746-3535
    Student Affairs 898-6533
    University Police (24 Hour Service) 898-7297
    Vice Provost for University Life 898-6081
    Women’s Center 898-8611