The Senior Honor Awards

The Senior Honor Awards

The Spoon, the oldest of the eight Honor Awards, was first presented at Penn in 1865. Since then, outstanding senior leaders have been recognized annually by their peers with these awards: the Hottel Shield, Harnwell Flag, Goddard Loving Cup, and Brownlee Skimmer Hat Awards for women and the Spoon, Bowl, Cane, and Spade Awards for men.

On this ballot are the finalists for the Class of 2021. Nominations were solicited from faculty, staff and students; a committee of administrators and the Senior Class Board then narrowed that list to 15 men and 15 women. The senior class will choose the final eight award recipients in this election which runs from April 6th – April 8th.

The winners will be publicly announced on April 29th.


Class of 2021 Finalists

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Hello everyone,

Thank you for your wishes, I am feeling much bettertoday.


Deadlines: On April 8th you have to submit an outline foryour project.

This outline should be 2 pages long (double spaced 12font) and should include what theoretical frameworks/literature you will beengaging with in your project and a short bibliography of the sources you willbe using. It should also have a paragraph on why you chose the topic/questions.You can draw on class lectures. films, discussions or any other personalreasons in writing this.


The final version of the paper will be due on the lastday of the class along with your presentation. which is April 29th.




For your final project you have to engage with one ormore of the

following questions: You can decide to focus on a singleissue or a

geographic area. You can choose to look at an areaoutside of South Asia

as long as you engage with the questions at hand.

Essays should be 3500-4000 words long, excludingbibliography (essays

above or below these limits will be penalized). A goodessay will be

closer to the upper limit than the lower!

Presentation: you will also have to prepare a classpresentation on the

topic for 15 minutes. You should use some form of visualaid in your






1. What insightsdoes a GAD (Gender and Development) approach offer

to the study of development? How does it differ from orrelate to the

Women in Development (WID) approach?


2. Althoughthere have been dramatic changes in the lives of girls

and women, the progress towards gender equality remains akey global

challenge. Discuss with examples.


3. TheMillennium Development Goals list gender equity as a key

target, but to what extent are gender concerns integratedinto the MDGs?


4. Are ‘Women’sRights’ Human Rights? Discuss with reference to the

interplay between gender and culture.


5. Can thebio-medical policies adequately meet the health needs of a

society? Discuss with reference to maternal and childhealth or

reproductive health.


6. ‘Despite therhetoric of empowerment in Cairo, population

programmes are designed to meet the interests of thenation rather than

the individual’. Assess the validity of this statementusing relevant



7. Isparticipation in paid employment the best way to improve the

status of women? Justify your answer with examples.


8. Do IMFimposed Structural Adjustment Programmes result in ‘short

term pain for long term gain’? Assess the gendered impactof IMF SAPs in

at least two countries in your answer.


9. Does the empowermentof women depend on the dis-empowerment of

men? Discuss with examples.


10. Can ‘poor andmarginalized’ women empower themselves? Discuss in

relation to state policies on development, internationalfunding and

women’s activism in developing countries


Feel free to email me if you have any questions orconcerns.