PennCORP introduces students to the Philadelphia community through volunteer community engagement, interactive social justice workshops, and thoughtful dialogue and reflection about the social issues affecting the Philadelphia community. The program also exposes students to community engagement opportunities available to them as Penn students. PennCORP is organized by Civic House, a civic engagement center at Penn. Please note due to COVID19 restrictions, PennCORP 2020 will be all virtual.

PennCORP participants are students are passionate about social justice issues, interested in understanding their new community, wish to engage in critical reflection about their motivations for doing community work, and want to become part of a community committed to the common good. No specific experience is necessary to apply, although many PennCORP participants have been involved in service and social justice work in high school.

Selection Process

Each year, we receive more applications for the program than there are spaces available. Participants will be selected based upon a careful review of the applications (applications for 2019 Pre-Orientation Programs are no longer open).  Each application is reviewed and rated by the staff and student leaders of the program and a consensus is reached. Those invited to participate will need to promptly complete registration forms and submit payment.  Students may apply to other pre-orientation programs as well and then decide which program to attend based upon their selection status.

Cost of Program

A $25.00 fee will cover all PennCORP activities. Financial assistance is available to eligible students who qualify for financial aid through Penn.

If you have questions, e-mail