PennQuest 2020 Schedule

Day One: August 18th

8:00pm -10pm EST ‘” PennQuest Introduction Meeting and small group assignments

Day Two: August 19th

8:00pm-10pm Virtual Camp Fire in small groups

Day Three: August 20th

8:00pm -10pm Virtual Campfire in small groups

Day four: August 21st

Final small group meetings, times may vary by group and will be determined with each group.

Follow up:
PennQuest Leaders will organize other virtual meet ups before classes begin

PennQuest Leaders will distribute PennQuest packets to each of their group members during the NSO time period.

September 5th and 6th -TENTATIVE

Day hikes by small group with masks and socially distanced.

½ of PennQuest goes one day and ½ the next day.  Details to be communicated based on the most recent University, State, and City policies.