Publicity Ideas

_____ Flyers (see Poster Policies)
_____ Posters (see Poster Policies)
_____ Table tents in dining halls and Houston Market
_____ Handouts/invites
_____ Door knob hangers
_____ Printed balloons on walk (Contact Kris Kealey in Facilities Services,, for permission)
_____ Paint a sandwich board
_____ Stuff mail folders
_____ Banner on poles (reserve in OSA Fridays at noon)
_____ DP story (call DP 8-6585 or fax press release)
_____ DP ad
_____ Penn Web Calendar
_____ Almanac calendar
_____ advertise on UTV
_____ lawn signs
_____ advertise on Facebook
_____ Performing Arts groups programs
_____ ads in student publications
_____ PECO Light Board
_____ Penn Video Network Bulletin Board
_____ Football/Basketball scoreboards (Contact Athletic Communications)

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