Whether you have witnessed an act of hazing, heard friends/students discussing a concerning activity or have participated in hazing yourself, there are several ways you can make the University aware.  Any reports made should be as detailed as possible.

There are distinct differences depending on where you choose to take the information you have.  Confidential resources can listen to your account and counsel you on next steps.  They will not reveal your identity unless given express permission by you.  Non-confidential resources can give counsel/advice on next steps.  However, should these offices become aware of information that requires University intervention, they are compelled to follow up.  Finally, Formal Complaints, which have no promise of confidentiality, can be filed by individuals or groups who are ready to engage in an identified University process to determine responsibility around issue of hazing.  

Confidential Resources

Office of the Ombudsman – The is a formal University resource for all community members specifically intended to counsel you on options and resources which exist within the University community. 

Office of the Chaplain – Individuals and organizations may find great help in seeking guidance from the Office of the Chaplain.  This resource is intended to counsel and guide you through your next steps. 

Non-Confidential Resources

Office of Student Affairs – If you are part of a registered student organization or are a community member looking to report a concern with a non-Greek group, the OSA may be a good place to start. 

Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life – Concerns regarding Greek letter organizations can be shared directly with OFSL. 

*Academic Advising offices, Cultural Resource Centers and any other faculty or staff who act as advisors to organizations are also wonderful resources to explore these issues and provide guidance.

Formal Complaint

Office of Student Conduct – The University’s official entity to handle formal complaints about group or individual behavior in relation to the code of conduct.