Dolphin Access Update

Note: As of December 10, the dolphin web server ( changed its host to  Please see below for the new SFTP host and remote path information.  

OLD Server

NEW Server

OLD Remote Path

NEW Remote Path

Access to directories on the Dolphin server are granted to individuals.  If you do not currently have access to your group’s directory, please email the OSA. Please include the following information in your email message:

  • Names of all indviduals who need access (or need to retain access).
  • Penn email addresses for all individuals who need access.
  • The directory name for your group.

Once you are granted access to the directory, you will follow the instructions outlined below.

You will be using SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) to upload and download your files on Dolphin.

Note that the host name for Dolphin has changed to

  1. Set your sftp password at This should be a secure password but please do not use your PennKey password as your local SFTP password. (8 character minimum, both upper and lower case).
  2. Mac users: Fetch should be ready to use. Your files will be here:
    /dolphin/html/[group account name]
    You’ll be able to see all the other folders but only your files.
  3. PC users: Download WS_FTP Professional.
    1. Launch WS_FTP.
    2. From the Connections menu, choose New Connection… The Connection Wizard dialog box appears.
    3. In the Site Name: field, enter an appropriate name for your connection (such as My Group Site), then click Next.
    4. In the Connection Type: dropdown menu, choose SFTP/SSH, then click Next.
    5. In the Server Address: field, type, then click Next.
    6. In the User Name: field, enter your PennKey.
    7. In the Password: field, enter the password you set in step 1 above.
    8. Click Next, then click Advanced… The Site Options dialog box appears.
    9. Click Startup on the left sidebar. For the Remote site folder, enter the directory to which you have access,
      /dolphin/html/[group account name]. Click OK.
    10. Click Finish to complete the profile.

Please contact the OSA if you have any questions.

More information from ISC:
Uploading and downloading files using FTP

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