Student organizations are valuable members of the Penn family and a great way to develop leadership skills and lifelong friendships. Penn students can participate in more than 600 groups representing an array of interests, from academics to the arts, international culture to domestic politics, faith, fashion, finance, or food. Registered student organizations enjoy the free use of University meeting space and many other benefits.

It can be difficult for individuals beyond the campus community to understand the distinction between official University entities and our student organizations.  For that reason,  all registered groups are subject to a University requirement to publicly identify themselves as being student organizations regardless of each group's name.

Your organization is expected to include the phrase "a student group at the University of Pennsylvania" or "a student organization at the University of Pennsylvania" as an identifier on the following platforms:

  • Organizational letterhead or official email signature
  • Group Website
  • Group Social Media profiles (e.g. Facebook and Twitter)